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Welcome To The TFD Office!

By | Thursday, December 17, 2015

So, as we’ve been promising for approximately a billion years, here is our humble (but, in our opinion, lovely) TFD office! It’s something that we worked on for a long time, starting with little sketches on the back of napkins in bars, and walking into it every day for work still feels like a huge victory. (You should have seen how tragic the space was when we first saw it — the walls were mayonnaise-colored.)

Though some of the items, such as our coffee station, will be given a DIY breakdown in their own post, we wanted to give you an overall tour of the place, including some details on where we got everything. We’re proud to say that, with the exception of Lauren and Chelsea’s desks and chairs, almost literally everything is TJ Maxx/Marshall’s, thrift store, IKEA, or hand-me-down. (Their chairs are both from Amazon, Lauren’s desk is Wayfair, and Chelsea’s desk is Amazon as well.)

The daybed was a hand-me-down from Chelsea’s mom, which we simply painted, got a mattress for, and decorated as a couch. (We wrap the two sleeping pillows in a matching sheet to serve as the ‘back’ of the couch when no one is sleeping on it.) It’s a great guest bed, as well as a nice place to hang out and work when you don’t feel like being at your desk. The coffee table was found at a thrift store, painted, and decorated with a little silver contact paper.

Maya’s corner (for when she is in town from LA) is an IKEA desk and chair, with a few decorations all collected at Michael’s or TJ Maxx.

Pretty much every candle you see in the office is also from TJ Maxx/Marshall’s, as are most of the little knick-knacks. The gallery wall is a mix of IKEA frames, things we got at the aforementioned discount stores, and a few gifts, such as the print we got from our friend Samantha at Violet Clair.

Our inspiration board is filled with a mix of magazine clippings, cards from places we love, gifts from friends, and other odds and ends. The board itself we got on Amazon. All of our flowers are fake, but they’re still lovely and add a really warm, feminine vibe to a space that can otherwise be quite cold.

Down the hall — and intentionally barely photographed — we have our storage area/mini-library and bathroom, all of which are still somewhat works in progress, but we promise a follow-up on that area once we’ve brought it to its fullest potential.


We hope you love our office space as much as we do, and if there is anything in here you’d love more detail on, just let us know in the comments! Enjoy!






















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