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10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

Welcome to the (one-off) Extreme Late-Night Edition of my Sunday Links post because I am a fallible human being who forgot to post these this AM before leaving for a day’s worth of activities. Bad Lauren.

1. A powerful essay on the acceptance of change, the problems that occur when it happens, and how we can fix/get through them.

2. Look at this extremely elegant and summery dessert you can whip up for friends at (almost) the drop of a hat —Fruit + Chamomile Cream.

3. Today, Chelsea and I went for a picnic with some friends in the park, and one of the girls brought a very cute roll-up blanket picnic blanket with her. And, it got me thinking about how fun it would be to DIY one.

4. I totally missed the Tony awards that were on tonight (does anyone watch it anymore??), but I was really enjoying this live chat that recapped the winners.

5. A helpful read that will help contextualize exactly what will happen if we defund planned parenthood.

6. Joe and I put together a small (but sweet, in my opinion!) herb garden on our fire escape, and these tips have been helping me keep them alive and ~thriving~.

7. I can’t get enough of those roundups of inspiring home decor tips, and I loved this write up — This Is How 5 Designers Make Their Small Home Look Like a Mansion.

8. Every time someone mentions the show American Gods I’m reminded of how badly I want to start watching it. I’ve read such good things!

9. I don’t typically like those “winners” and “losers” articles, but this one from Vox helped me understand the repercussions of the UK vote last Thursday.

10. ICYMI — Mary wrote about the best budget beauty products that will make you feel like an incredibly pampered  and financially savvy shopper.

  • Court E. Thompson

    Re: 4 YES! TONS of people watch the Tonys. (I’m actually kind of insulted by this). It’s the only award show that guarantees all of the performers are singing live. It’s the high holy day of theatre kids everywhere.

    • Holly Trantham

      Not a theatre kid, but I also always watch 🙂

      • Court E. Thompson

        So happy to hear that! I fully acknowledge that the show can get very “insidery” in regards to the jokes, so it’s great to hear a non-theatre kid enjoys it too!!

  • Liz The Engineer

    Re: #6 I’m glad you are growing some plants, but you really shouldn’t put things on the fire escape. Fire escapes aren’t designed for sustained loads, even small ones created by plants. Always happy to see this list though! 😀

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