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The Sort-Of Halfway-Point Update On My 500k Challege

Well, I am obligated to write this post by the terms of the challenge I set out for myself and the group-based/accountable nature of us all doing them together. But I am not happy about it, because long story short, it’s been a total fucking fail thusfar. On the day I was supposed to start the challenge, I went on an unexpected trip to visit some family, which meant that I could not dictate my walking schedule. The following week, four out of seven days were pouring rain, and that weekend was being visited by a houseguest whose plans were not always conducive to making up my terrible week by getting in tens of thousands of steps.

Then, this weekend — the weekend I had assured myself that I would be getting this back on track! — the weather prediction is mid-50s and pouring rain both days. I knew that it wouldn’t be the easiest thing to schedule 500k steps around the necessities of a regular life, but I didn’t anticipate that it would also be full-on Sleepy Hollow weather basically the entire time I was doing it.

Do I feel kind of embarrassed? Yes. Have I still been getting in some steps? Also yes, averaging around 8k a day, or about half of what I would need to reach this goal. But I am also not a quitter, and I am certainly not going to be the loser amongst the team who doesn’t actually complete her challenge. So, with that in mind, I’m going to be re-booting this challenge starting Monday, at which point I have a week of sunny, mid-70s weather ahead of me to get things going on the right foot, followed by a near-week in my beloved Miami, where I will be able to walk to my heart’s content along the beach/through downtown/anywhere I want except during those awkward 15-minute rainstorms that plague South Florida like locusts.

Anyway, this is me being accountable to you guys, and admitting that I have thusfar failed in something I am very much determined to do. But onwards and upwards, as I like to say, and I will be checking back in at the real halfway point of my renewed, finally-accessible-to-sunny-weather challenge.

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  • GemNoelle

    Sorry to hear your challenge is off to a slow start but I wanted to thank you for inspiring me with your first post. I am currently (loosely) following the Bikini Series from Tone it Up (online fitness company) and your challenge post inspired me to encorporate a goal of walking 10,000 steps each weekday and 15,000 on weekends. I’m off to a pretty good start. I have really enjoyed going for walks/jogs first thing when I wake up, getting off the subway a stop or two early, taking the stairs at work, and encorporating evening walks into my BFs and my after dinner routine.

    • GBee

      A friend told me about Tone it Up’s workout and meal plan and it left me intrigued. How do you like it so far?

      • GemNoelle

        I like it a lot. There is so much free content so start with that before committing to the paid nutrition plan. I have a desk job and a long commute so my main fitness goals is to just be more active and stop feeling sluggish. 3 weeks into the Bikini Series and I have way more energy, feel generally happier and calmer, and can fit into some of my previously too tight pants.

  • Jack

    Oh man. Workout fails. This morning I got up to go to a barre class, then decided nah I’ll go for a run instead cause that’ll mean 45 minutes more sleep. 45 minutes later, I get up and put my running stuff on, only to see it’s pouring buckets. Pjs went back on and then I just grumped around in bed until it was time for work. Then instead of eating properly I had two chai lattes, a muffin, and peanut butter cups.
    Also, am tired of people saying “You live in Vancouver, you just have to get used to the rain”. No….no I do not.
    I realize this post was just me whining. Sorry guys 😛

  • Duncan’s Dividends

    Keep trying and don’t give up. I find that for myself watching a movie while working out is fantastic. I spend about 90 minute on the stair master a day and can do it easily while watching a movie. It’s all about distracting yourself and forgetting that you are doing something that you dislike. Nothing passes time faster than Captain America punching Iron Man while getting your sweat on 🙂

  • Anja D’Anjou

    Option for when it’s raining: walk up and down stairs that are inside. Find a building with stairs and go up and down the stairs. It’s actually better than a Stairmaster because you go both up and down.

    Where I live people run the stairs at the beach for an outdoor workout. This only works in decent weather.

    Second option: walk the length of an indoor mall. There are walking groups who walk the malls during the winter to stay warm, dry and out of the snow. Just don’t buy anything!

    Don’t beat yourself up so much. Things happen in life. We all do the best we can. If another person told you they failed you would not be as hard on them or as judgmental toward them as you are toward yourself. Treat yourself with the same kindness and understanding you would show another person. Give yourself some leniency and room to not be perfect.

  • Katie

    Miami resident here – you won’t even have to worry about those 15 minute rainstorms because it has been NOTHING but bright bright sunshine and heat lately – record low of rain!

  • Jenny Parker

    I’m glad you posted this! I was joining you on this challenge, then a couple of days into it I injured my foot and have been mostly out of commission. The weather also had a lot to do with that. Going to follow your example and restart too!