10 Delicious And Light Desserts To Say Goodbye To Summer

By | Wednesday, September 02, 2015


Now that I officially have a kitchen to call my own (albeit no matter how tiny it is), I am BEYOND EXCITED to whip up an out-of-control amount of baked goods and sweet concoctions. Now, I’ve eaten my fair share of overpriced scones, muffins, and one-bite gourmet brownies out and about in the city. While they CAN be delicious (but most often, just plain expensive), there’s little that compares to the feeling of making your own homemade treats for guests and loved ones while simultaneously saving money.

While I have no business turning my oven on at the moment (as I currently don’t have AC, yikes), some of these desserts can be whipped up without the use of an oven! While there will soon be a time for pumpkin and cinnamon flavored everything, these last few weeks of summer are a chance to enjoy the lighter side of dessert flavors showcased in things like lemon cupcakes, berry and basil pie, and creamy crushed macaron-studded ice cream. A visit to The Sweet Art once again kicked my taste buds into high gear and inspired me to take a break from the daily grind to whip up something amazing. These ten insanely delicious looking recipes come straight out of Amrita’s kitchen, and I’m thrilled to try them all!

Take a look below!

Lemon Curd Muffins


Peach & Raspberry Crisps



Ice Cream Swirled With Crushed Macarons (omg)



Tiramisu Ice Cream Cake



Chai Creme Brûlée



Homemade Oreos


Champagne & Strawberry Cakes


Nutella Cream Puffs


Peach, Raspberry, and Basil Pie



Pecan Cinnamon Sticky Honey Buns

cinnamon-bunCheck out more delicious recipes on The Sweet Art, and get your baking on sooner rather than later ya’ll!


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