10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

By | Sunday, July 17, 2016


1. Uh, yes please! Make Your Next 30 Days More Productive Than Your Last 3 Months.

2. A fascinating article that explores the role technology can and does play in each Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump’s presidential campaigns.

3. The (sometimes overwhelming) warm weather of summer doesn’t mean we can’t save money! Check out these thoughtful-yet-simple tips, which will help you put more of the green stuff away.

4. I truly think that if I learned how to make this breakfast pizza I would never need to go out for brunch (or breakfast) ever again.

5. A little professional envy is totally normal to feel, and in fact, it could be beneficial to us if it helps propel us forward. This article does an incredible job expanding upon that sentiment.

6. Unpaid internships are just…meh, and not good. This article was a fascinating look into how unpaid interns survive in D.C. — from extreme thrifting, to taking on additional part-time work. 

7. My heart is still breaking following the events in Nice, and this article featured on The Atlantic was one of the many ones I read to try and understand it all.

8. A must-read for anyone who wants to work out at home, but needs help creating a small, functional, and useful space — 10 Small-Space Hacks For A Home Gym.

9. A beautiful summery apricot + mascarpone tart that would be an easy dessert to whip up, and an even easier one to devour. Count me in.

10. I had hoped the new Ghostbusters reboot would surpass the expectations of all the ~haters~ willing for it to fail, and this insightful review of the movie proves it’s better than I expected. Heading to see it this evening, weee!


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