10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

By | Sunday, November 06, 2016


1. Election Day is this Tuesday, so GET OUT AND VOTE. Here’s an article that covers everything you might need to know about how to actually vote.

2. The Rosy Rosa — the perfectly-refreshing drink to sip on as you wait for the results of election night to pour in.

3. A must-read article about voting and technology — Lines, Be Gone: Mapping Tech Is Here to Help You Vote Faster.

4. We all know that public Wi-Fi isn’t safe (or DID YOU?!), and you should read this article on these essential tips for staying safe while doing so.

5. Need tips for dressing for your body type? Who What Wear has a pretty extensive guide that’s worth checking out.

6. Anyone who knows me knows I could pretty much eat soup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and I’m keen to work my way through this gallery of “gorgeous” ones.

7. Workplace conversations can be tricky when navigating touchy topics (lately, politics), and this article provides awesome tips to handle awkward money conversations with coworkers.

8. A really great roundup of the six things one woman wished she knew before moving into her first apartment.

9. One woman’s journey to becoming full-time freelance, and exactly how she saved up $900 per month to build up her safety net and make her dream a reality.

10. ICYMI — Chelsea wrote an article on busyness, and why being busy doesn’t make you special.

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