10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

By | Sunday, March 19, 2017

1. A mind-blowing article on just how much walking improves peoples’ level of happiness

2. Last week, the whole TFD team went to go see ‘Get Out,’ which was…a fantastic movie (no secret there!). Every review and analysis of the movie — the characters, the themes, and social commentary — deepens the complexity and richness of the film. (<– This article and this article were two of my favorites.)

3. A very and interesting and informative animated video describing exactly how the tech industry became so male-dominated.

4. “Facebook hasn’t even managed to eliminate child porn, which is more unanimously reviled than just about anything else. Is it realistic to expect them to be any better about revenge porn, when decorated servicemen are circulating it behind the internet’s closed doors?” — A quote from the article, It’s Time for Facebook to Deal With the Grimy History of Revenge Porn

5. How Fintech company Lemonade is using something called behavioral economies to their advantage, and exactly what that looks like in practice.

6. I know St. Patrik’s Day is over, but I just have to tell you that I made Ina Garten’s Irish Soda Bread this weekend, and it came out soooooo freeeeeeeeaking good.

7.  Here’s what Trump’s budget cuts would mean for all of the agencies and programs it affects.

8. Apparently I’m all about reading movie reviews this week, and this New Yorker article, which explores the various moving parts of the Beauty And The Beast reboot, was a really entertaining read.

9. I really love reading personal finance articles written from the perspective of honest, real, non-finance professional women (like so many here at TFD!), and this article about ‘finance tips I wish I knew at 20,’ was great!

10. If you’re looking for some AWESOME home cooking meal inspiration, look no further than Mary’s writeup on copycat takeout recipes (that are better than the real thing!).

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