10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

By | Sunday, May 26, 2019

1. This was a very sobering inside look at how police mistreat transgender people.

2. In light of the recent abortion bans, this is a heartbreaking, important story that reminds us how our language and how we think about medical care — and who needs what kind.

3. Fair warning: this is an incredibly difficult read, but I’m glad this horrible trend is coming to light. “Prisoners can shave time off their sentences by participating in shock incarceration programs. More than a dozen former shock prisoners say that comes at a steep cost.”

4. Now for something fun! As a person who regularly eats leftovers for breakfast, I am so glad that the lie that is “breakfast food” has been exposed.

5. This is actually a Twitter thread, but it’s super worth reading: an inside look at Finland’s amazing train system, which is probably one of the many contributors to them being voted the world’s happiest country.

6. Yikes — Instacart’s payment problems have started to affect the earnings of their contractors.

7. “As WeWork grows and changes, its CEO is learning to listen more, he says in a group interview later. ‘Part of growing up is getting comfortable with the world, where people do have an opinion that might not be your opinion,’ he says. ‘It’s good to listen.’ Then, for the third time that day—perhaps because I’ve joined the interview remotely—he calls me Amy, which is not my name. A spokesman says he regrets that.” The writing in this profile is just fabulous and lol-worthy.

8. There is even more chaotic evil energy coursing through the veins of NYC’s public transit system than usual!

9. This was a great interview with the founder of Dope CFO, “a freelance accounting practice that helps marijuana startups and provides training for other bookkeepers serving the cannabis industry.”

10. ICYMI: I loved this list of simple and cost-effective ways to be more generous!

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