10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

By | Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Link Round Up 9

1. A great 1 page financial plan featuring 10 meaty tips to help you on your way to financial gold!

2. Pretty spring cocktails to take along on your next picnic brunch.

3. How to deal with the stresses of money and worrying about your finances.

4. The prettiest vegan spring rolls for a light and refreshing lunch during the warm weather season.

5. How one mom teaches her child about money through filling out taxes together.

6. The simple goal of finding true happiness can be one of the most difficult to attain. Here are some tips to help.

7. A great read with some creative tips on how to date on a budget without looking cheap and unflatteringly frugal.

8. Need help breaking the news to people that they aren’t invited to your wedding? Fear not, these tips will help you drop the bomb in a blunt but loving way.

9. ICYMI, tips for turning wardrobe staples into office ready wear.

10. A must read about Jay Z’s expensive new music streaming service, Tidal.

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