10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

1. Thanksgiving may be over, but this observation of who does and doesn’t do the dishes still stands.

2. This was a very pleasant look at current teen heartthrob hair trends.

3. This is an incredibly sobering article on how the rise of Nazism was influenced by American racism.

4. Here’s a fascinating look at the Clinton impeachment (which apparently happened 20 years ago as of last week).

5. I absolutely love this idea of creating a “Today I Did” list in as a form of journaling.

6. This is so awful — apparently, federal scientists published a report about the absolutely dire climate situation, but because it came out on Black Friday, no one noticed.

7. I loved this very nice piece on how much Prince loved breakfast.

8. France is reportedly returning a bunch of stolen historical artifacts to Benin.

9. I was very charmed reading this interview with the illustrator of The Great British Bake-Off!

10. ICYMI: A very important letter of appreciation for the most financially savvy resident of Stars Hollow.

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