10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

By | Sunday, December 30, 2018

1. This is a lovely, important essay by a writer who is married to a quadriplegic.

2. If you haven’t seen yet, the transformer explosion in New York City this week was quite something.

3. This was a very interesting read on how hypochondria affects one writer’s relationships.

4. I loved reading this love letter to Pose, one of the most exciting TV shows that premiered this year.

5. This is an incredibly maddening piece of reporting (from August, though it just came across my path this week) on the abuse and deaths of children occurring at the hands of the nuns of St. Joseph’s Orphanage in Vermont. Trigger warning: violence and abuse.

6. This title says it all: “There’s Now a Porn Genre About How Broke Millennials Are.”

7. Rich people do truly wild things with money, like this man who lives his life as a knight.

8. I will always read and recommend anything written about Ina Garten!

9. I realize this is a Reddit post, but I can’t not show you this story about how one person’s mother in law sent them a bill for differences in Chistmas gift costs because !!!

10. ICYMI: I love this writer’s reflections on how his life isn’t quite as he expected after quitting his 9-5.

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