10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

By | Sunday, February 17, 2019

1. This is a heartbreaking, personal story of how our healthcare system is failing people — and showcases an argument that, yes, even Republicans can be pro-Medicare.

2. I loved reading this story about what you can gain from digging up your ancestral history (rather than getting a DNA test).

3. If you haven’t read this profile of the absurdly great Lizzo yet, do yourself a favor and get to it!

4. I know I wasn’t the only one who felt betrayed and triggered by the abuse allegations towards Ryan Adams, but I’m so glad these women came forward and I hope everyone can begin to heal.

5. This is a fascinating look at how influencer marketing can popularize even the priciest of personal investments, like dental veneers.

6. Remember the “100 calorie” snack craze from the early aughts? This is a super interesting and well-written account of one person’s obsession with it.

7. Amidst massive layoffs, it’s come to light just how much traffic Buzzfeed generates through uncompensated community posts – which, yikes.

8. All of these NYC homes are BEAUTIFUL and make me want to cry with their absolute out-of-reach-ness.

9. If you still haven’t jumped on the podcast bandwagon, but want to, read this!

10. ICYMI: I loved this piece on what being a “fake extrovert” means for one person’s finances!

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