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12 Thoughtful Summer Party Gifts For Every Budget

By | Monday, May 11, 2015


As the summer weather descends upon us *throws head back and spins with arms out*, there will be an increasing number of summer soirées to which we will be invited. No one likes to show up empty-handed when they are invited to an event, but sometimes it’s confusing to decipher how fancy a party is and what type of gift to bring.

Below are 12 summer party gift ideas that are appropriate for different events such as BBQs, company parties, engagement parties, weddings, pool parties, birthdays, cocktail parties, etc. While these gifts won’t break the bank, they are still classy and thoughtful options for those looking to expand their gift giving horizons beyond a 6-pack of craft beer. After all, who can say “no” to a set of golden cheese knives or a copper-colored drink shaker?

1. The Perfect Pair — A bottle of Rosé and bottle of sparkling Rosé. $16-$45

Summer gifts_guide_0003_PicnicImage via Flickr

2. A cutlery caddy filled with BBQ essentials. $20

Summer gifts_guide_0001_BBQCaddy found here.

3. A festive copper-colored cocktail shaker, paired with a bottle of spirits. $25 + bottle

Summer gifts_guide_0002_cocktail partyImage via Crate & Barrel

4. A beautiful cookbook that will last forever. $20-$50

Summer gifts_guide_0000_cookbooksThe Kinfolk & Newlywed Cookbooks

5. A stylish champagne bucket with a bottle of bubbly inside. $40-$70

Summer gifts_guide_0004_EngagementBucket found here, and here.

6. A simple potted plant or flower. $10-$18

gift guide_flowers

7. Wine or spirits tasting class for two. (Great deals on here and here.) $35 & $39

wine beer tasting classes

Images via Flickr here and here.

8. A seasonal, hand-painted platter with homemade cookies. DIY or $40

Serving platter and cookies

Platter found here.

9. Fancy cheese knives paired with a block of something tasty. $29

golden cheese knives

Set found here.

10. Fancy popcorn + a seasoning. $13-$23

popcorn and seasoning

Popcorn found here, and seasonings here, here and here.

11. A beautiful beverage jar on its own or filled with lemonade. $25 & $26

drink dispensers

Jars found here and here.

12. A sweet caterpillar bud vase. $20-$38

flowers vaseVase found here.

These gifts are sure to please the hostess, birthday girl/boy, couple-to-be, etc., and are the perfect combination of elegance AND practicality. They won’t break the bank to bring along to the next summer shindig, and will make you feel like a rock star when everyone oohs and ahhs.

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