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12 Tips For Your Big Fall Cleaning That Won’t Drive You Crazy

By | Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Giving your home the old one two when it comes conducting a deep and thorough clean is not an activity reserved for the spring season alone! Fall is a great time of year for taking a good chunk of time out of a day to go through your home with a fine tooth comb — to reorganize cabinets, rethink how you arrange your closet/shoes/scarves, display decorations on the windowsill, and refresh your living space. For me, dusting and vacuuming are the two activities that I loathe the most, but damn do they make a world of difference when you take the time to do them, Looking around my home after putting in just an hour or two of real cleaning can mean the difference between me being in a shitty passive aggressive mood and me skipping down the street high-fiving passerby’s because I’m in such a great mood.

After researching the ways in which dirt and dust accumulation underneath (and around) your bed can affect your health and allergies, I made it a point to inform myself of the best cleaning strategies and methods for my home. I am definitely not the cleanest person by nature, and it takes a ton of effort to simply get myself to baseline cleanliness. This is especially due to the fact that I lived at home for so long and was only responsible for small areas at a time. But I’m learning as I go and trying to create the best habits I possibly can that will (hopefully) remain with me for life.

Here are a small sampling of 12 cleaning tips I swear by and will help you get your home on track and in shape for the cold-weather season. We are all going to inevitably be homebound due to the ice, snow, and overall frigid temperatures, so we might as well be cooped up in a space that and has that good ~cLeAn fEeLiNg~.

Fall Cleaning Tips_V1-01

Here some great links that I always use to research! They’re my go-to resources I use when I need to look into how to clean something specifically, or when I need to know the best method to use when trying get item I’m cleaning looking sQuEaKy cLeAn.

Inside Cleaning Resources:

Outside Cleaning Resources (If You Have A Home Or Access To Private Outdoor Space):

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