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12 Ways To Have A Beautiful Garden, From The Suburbs To The City

By | Tuesday, May 05, 2015


Last summer I created my very first square foot box garden (documented here, here, here and here.) It is an incredibly simple and inexpensive activity that will provide you fresh vegetables and herbs all summer long. Each morning, I would look forward to going outside before work to water the plants in the early morning light. It was a calming activity and a great way to begin each day, alongside my morning cup of coffee. As I routinely watered the plants, it would help me focus on everything I needed to get done that day and allow me to gradually wake up before heading to work.

The only costs to set up your own garden are those for seeds, a watering can, and whatever container in which you’d like to plant. Home gardens can be as simple or as elaborate as you prefer. For those of us who live out in the suburbs and have a bit more space, box gardens are a great option for keeping your plants organized and contained. For city dwellers, vertical or hanging gardens are the most efficient use of space. No matter what style garden you choose to create, they are sure to bring an element of natural beauty and a burst of *freshness* into your life. Below are 12 beautiful ideas to inspire you as you set up your own garden at home.

1. Succulent garden (in a vintage toolbox too!)


2. Hanging shoe rack garden


3. Hanging potted garden


4. Stacked herb garden


5. A DIY pallet garden


6. Vertical mason jar herb garden


7. Wooden ladder garden


8. Potted windowsill garden


9. Basket lettuce garden


10. Compact wine crate garden

garden 1

11. Portable succulent and rock garden


12. Community garden (the most rewarding of all!)


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