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13 Beautiful Organization Ideas For People Without Closet Space

By | Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Very recently, I found myself tackling something I have dreamed of doing since I was 15 years old — trekking up and down Manhattan, looking for an apartment to rent. It’s something that I knew would be stressful and exciting, and I was especially keen to see what my allotted monthly budget would afford me in such a town. After what seemed like hours of sprinting up and down flights of stairs, dodging pedestrians with my sopping wet umbrella and hauling my crossbody bag full of paperwork, we had made it through.

Although we still haven’t found our perfect place just yet, I walked away with an incredibly different perspective on the amount of space that 2 people have to fit their lives into. It became apparent to me that I would have learn how to utilize every inch of my apartment and make it count. Closet space (or lack thereof ) will undoubtedly be the biggest challenge for me. Having lived in the suburbs all my life, this was an area that I never had to think about organizing smartly or simplifying. As I prepare myself for the Big Move, I’ve began researching tips and tricks to make these tiny alcoves work, while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing looks while being functional.

Sweater dividers

closet11image via Design Love Fest

A simple linen lined Hhamper


image via Design Love Fest

Properly stack your heels & boots


via Organized Living 

A corner hanging rod to make use of wasteful space


via Remodalista

Remove closet doors to make the space appear larger & more open

1e48250d9d7ed92a545c4c3690215aaavia Apartment Therapy

Wire jewelry hanger

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 9.20.48 AM

via Aytipical Type A

Consider an oversized mirror to contrast small spaces


via Coco Rose

Use small stylish baskets for scarves, tights & leggings


via Confessions of a Serial DIYer

Decorate the wall behind it with paint or decals for visual interest.


Image via At Home In Love

Color coordinate to increase the feeling of deliberate organization.


Image via Design Love

Add simple lighting to the inside of your cheap standing wardrobe, like this IKEA one.


Image via Apartment Therapy

Get a small shelving unit to store your purses or accessories.

ArtSymphony_organizing your closet


Image via Pinterest

No matter what, get cute hangers, because why not!


Image via Tumblr

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