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15 Creative Ways To Wear Your Boring White Button-Down

By | Monday, March 09, 2015

Ah, the white button down. A staple that is both classic and versatile, simple and malleable. It can be dressed up or down with seemingly limitless possibilities. It can be made to look ultra-conservative by buttoning it up high and wearing it with a simple jeweled necklace, or pared down by wearing it unbuttoned with boyfriend jeans to look effortlessly sexy. It’s the item that, more than anything else, transcends the seasons and occasions to give you the biggest bang for your buck in your closet.

Below, 12 inspirational looks for making the most out of this timeless wardrobe staple.

2f4e145a86d9db92e7d21f0aa0fc66c7The extra long button down dress5de7f232e900b57cd6de2e9ffd2744d870’s mod with a full sleeve that’s paired with a black jumper and tights
main.original.585x0A baggy fit that’s paired with skin tight blue jeans and statement pumps71858faed78cfa6202f34c699a908f94Paired with an oversized neutral hat14410496560_86cd517ef1_oAn all white ensemble with brown leather detailsa8c17c15a85592982d313b3796e385faSleeveless, buttoned high and paired with slouchy black pants
b475d24f3f3f84cbcd7de646d859b82fGo ultra glam with a flawlessly fitted top and a long dramatic fitted skirtc3d0713ed91b0968c80a7abb53bdd9d5A cropped button down and a school girl skirt

fac2441782bea6082527e180267832eaGo super trendy with a backwards button up

IMG_9190_1White button down worn with leather pants & all white, low top conversepoppy-delevigne-topshopA simple button down is made funky with statement polka dot pants

travel-casual-chic-rags-hannah-miller-look-day-topmodel-choice-make-life-easier-e094cA classic semi sheer button down with rolled sleeves, soft blue jeans, and a high curled pony tail


Buttoned-up with a statement necklace and a cardigan worn over it


With wide-flared jeans and a scarf for a cool 70s look

fashion blog for professional women new york city street style work wear

With a bold patterned pencil skirt and simple, streamlined pumps

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