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21 Awesome Craigslist Side Gigs In The NY/NJ Area

By | Thursday, May 14, 2015


A little while back, we briefly discussed 12 awesome side jobs that you could get yourself involved with to make a little money outside of your 9-5 job. I’m no stranger to this working situation, and I believe it’s extremely beneficial to have your hands in a few different endeavors at any given moment. Practicing how to organize your time effectively and remaining flexible will keep you on your toes and make your work adaptable and sharp.

At any given moment, I will usually be working on 3-4 different freelance projects or side jobs, which can be anything from to designing logos and websites, to babysitting and teaching dance technique classes. I enjoy staying busy and making my own money, and the feeling of independence that comes with it. Today, I’ve channeled the theme of side gigs in a more direct course of action — opportunities that you can capitalize on this very moment if you so choose. Below are 21 side gigs I’ve rounded up from Craigslist, which are listed for the New York and New Jersey area. See below!

1. Bartender needed for a 1 night a week.

2. Logo designer needed.

3. Web designer and programmer wanted.

4. Fashion illustrator.

5. Freelance writer for a travel website.

6. Graphic Designer needed for mobile/web.

7. Social media manager.

8. Online news writer for a music website.

9. Part-time copy editor.

10. Photo assistant needed.

11. After-Effects guru needed.

12. Studio looking for photographers.

13. Freelance writer for a bacon enthusiast website. (aka a dream!)

14. Japanese or Chinese translator needed.

15. Graphic designers, web designers, illustrators, and junior marketers needed.

16. Jewelry boutique staff needed.

17. Social media manager for small marketing firm.

18. Photographer seeking collaboration with MUA (magazine submissions)

19. Fashion/celebrity blog writer needed.

20. Server needed at a high-end restaurant.

21. PR-friendly, NYC based freelance writers.

Good luck! Go out and make that money.

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