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7 Things To Do Today To Make The Rest Of The Week Better

By | Wednesday, March 31, 2021

I don’t think I’m alone in feeling extraordinarily “not-so-great” lately. Whether it’s pandemic fatigue, the exhaustion of the news cycle, or simply the lack of excitement in our day-to-day lives, I’ve taken to embracing more “extreme” forms of self-care, lately. And by “extreme” I mean turning to self-care that simply isn’t as pretty as painting my nails or putting on a face mask. At this stage of the year, the pandemic and my life, times are tough, thus calling for tougher measures. 

However, in a hopeful effort to end my week stronger than it started, here are a few ways I’m instantly boosting my mood this mid-week, even when it seems even harder than usual. 

1. Go For A Walk 

I know, I know. I’m sure we’re all fed up of hearing about the power of a walk outside, especially after this year. But, this still remains an instant mood booster for me. I live in California so for me, a walk outside means sunshine, a chance to pet dogs, and even a treat from a nearby bakery or café. On days when it’s tough to motivate myself to leave my work-from-home setup, knowing I have a sweet treat or can stop by a nearby dog park for a smile is what keeps me going. Plus, I feel as if I’ve accomplished something by at the very least getting a walk in each day.

2. Be Vulnerable & Make Time

When I’m really not feeling great, the best thing for me to do is reach out to a close friend. While additional screen time on a weekday is tough, I’ve been making more of a concerted effort to carve out time for a chat with friends or plan an exciting virtual get-together. While these events are not as exciting as they were a full year ago, they are nevertheless important. And, more than that, it’s integral to be vulnerable. So often we check-in with our friends and plaster a smile on our faces instead of just getting deep and being honest about why this is hard and I’ve felt so much better opening up to those around me instead of constantly being positive or optimistic.

3. Scream

Just. Scream. Into a pillow. In your shower. Wherever. Whenever. Believe me when I say it feels really good. Even if you can’t scream, I’d encourage everyone to find a way to get what’s tough off their chest, whether it be through journaling or exercise. I prefer screaming only because it’s often so hard for me to articulate why I’m feeling the way I’m feeling and being able to have an outlet like screaming nevertheless ejects that anxious, negative energy out of my body. But, whatever works for you!

4. Emergency Therapy

Schedule a mid-week emergency therapy session, if you need, and DON’T feel guilty about it. I’ve had my own therapist have to tell me that he’d offer me a completely free session if I needed it since I was so obviously struggling. Do yourself a favor and schedule an emergency therapy session if you need—it helps and if you’re privileged enough to have a mental health professional at your disposal I’d recommend using that resource as much as you can.

5. Vitamins and/or Medication (if applicable)

I’m not a doctor, and I don’t condone any dangerous use misuse  of medications, but sometimes, it’s just hard to sleep. I succumbed to picking up some melatonin the other day—this from the girl who avoids medicines like the plague!—and it’s been a relief to just be able to sleep through the night without tossing and turning. Sleep is a mood booster unlike any other and if you’re unable to get a good night of it, I recommend just turning to medication. So many friends and loved ones have had to do this over the past year and I finally reached the breaking point, myself, and while it may seem “lame” to rely on medication, there is truly nothing better than a good night of sleep to help you reset and take on the day, week, and month ahead.

[Editor’s Note: Again, the use or misuse of prescribed or unprescribed medication is not encouraged or enforced here. Rather, looking into safe, over-the-counter medications that can aid in rest, is suggested, including melatonin or Zzzquil.As always, please consult with a physican first before taking any medication.’

6. Creating A (Do-Able) Task List

No seriously. You’d be surprised how far your morale can go when you create a checklist and actually check things off. Even if you’ve fell behind of your tasks and/or goals for the week, it’s not too late to pick up where you left off (or, never started). With that said, create a task-list of various tasks (including easy ones to start off with), to motivate you and get things done!

7. Talk To Someone — Anyone

Granted this one is a bit harder for introverted people but seriously, if you can and/or are able, talk to someone. Talking to people during your tough times does not necessarily mean talking to them about your tough times. While it’s always idea to speak to someone about your issues, if you’re not quite there yet, just talk to them about regular-degular things. You’d be surprised how far a light check-in can go. Not every catch-up has to include an itinerary of how hard life is. 


Hopefully, others have been coping with this time better than I have but if not, I hope some of these methods help to boost your mood, even if for just a little bit. 

Keertana Anandraj is a recent college grad living in San Francisco. When she isn’t conducting international macroeconomic research at her day job, you can find her in the spin room or planning her next adventure.

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