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8 Women On The Monday Motivation That Helps Them Kick Ass All Week

By | Monday, December 14, 2020

‘Who knows? I may not make it to Friday. So I try to enjoy the moment that I’m actually in. Mondays included…’

1. “My favorite quote is ‘Do what you love’, and it always has been. For a few reasons. For one thing, it is simple. It is easy to remember, and easy to go back to in times of doubt. But also, I just feel like it is personally so important to me to make sure I’m always doing what I love. I know it is easier said than done, but for me, I wouldn’t be a happy person if I wasn’t doing work that was deeply meaningful to me.” – Mel

2. “The quote I have plastered on my office walls is “Make it happen”, because it reminds me of Tim Gunn saying “make it work”, but also because it reminds me to make things happen on my own and not wait around. It is an extra little motivating push when I’m feeling lazy.” – Elena

3. ’A goal without a plan is just a wish.’ That is my favorite quote, because I work in a creative field and a lot of people are self-proclaimed ‘dreamers’, which is an excellent thing to be, but I do think that there is a layer of planning and hard work that has to come with any bout of creativity or inspiration in order to make an idea into something real. I think people forget that, and that is where they fail. So this quote reminds me that I have to really work.” – Daniela

4. “I love the quote ‘Be the person you always needed’ –- as someone who had a really difficult childhood, this really speaks to me, but also as someone who is soon to have my first baby and searching for a lot of answers and motivation during this transitional time in my life. I want to be someone who works hard, because I want my daughter to see that her mother worked and hustled for her through it all. I want to do everything I can for her, especially the things that my parents didn’t do for me.” – Ashley

5. “I’m an actor, and I have a lot of ~brooding artist~ friends, which can be fun, but it gets a little soul-sucking. I bought a print one day that says ‘There is nothing more artistic than loving people’, which has served as a lot of emotional inspiration and has been a really good reminder to me when I get sucked into the black hole of being a depressed, struggling writer with a group of sad weirdo friends. I’m not ragging on them. I mean, I am a little. But I think there is a place for a little more friendliness and kindness in the creative world. It feels lot like we are sometimes in competition with one another, or we’re acting like everything is so tragic because we’re just dramatic people. I’m not sure, but this quote helps.” – Jackie

6. “I love the quote ‘Stop waiting for Friday — make the most of the moment you are in now.’ I often think ‘I’ll be happy when it is Friday’ or ‘I’ll be happy when I’m 30’ or ‘I’ll be happy when I’m married/have a family’, but the truth is, those things might not happen. I might not get married, and who knows, I might not make it to Friday or age 30, so I need to really be enjoying the moments that I’m actually in, rather than saying ‘I’ll be happy when…’ because that really isn’t a healthy or fun way to live.” – Jazmin 

7. “I’m so, so cliché, but when my coworkers and I are struggling through a big project or working on something that feels impossible, I’m always the asshole who dad-jokes that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day!’ — it is a really lame quote, I know, and I’m half-joking when I say it a lot, but it actually is really nice to be reminded that great things take time, and having trouble getting the end-product you want with a certain amount of time, effort, and trial-and-error is unrealistic. Sometimes, especially in the busy, corporate world I’m in, we need to be reminded to slow down.” – Abby

8. “My favorite quote it ‘Excuses don’t get results’. I hear people say it a ton on like, fitness Instagram, where I spend a lot of time, because I lost 60 pounds this year. So I had it as my phone background and stuff to motivate me through hard workouts I didn’t want to do. But it has carried over to every aspect of my life. If I make an excuse and skip an assignment, I’ll get bad grades. If I make an excuse out of nerves and fear and don’t apply for that job I want, there’s no chance of me getting it. You have to work for what you want, and take chances on things without making excuses. – Grace

(This post was originally published March 2017)

Mary is a writer, author and tweets every day about money, life and for her own personal fulfillment. 

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