The Perfect Brownies For Curling Up With Netflix

By | Friday, February 27, 2015

brownie straight on

It was a late Tuesday night and I was in the midst of my pre-bedtime half hour internet k-hole unwinding session, when I stumbled upon these brownies on my favorite baking blog, Joy The Baker. My. Mouth. Literally. Dropped. I needed to recreate these little gems which could serve as a perfect replacement for the typical store bought dessert I’d normally pick up on on my way out the door to a dinner party. No one needs to spend $30 on expensive macaroons or a box of vegan organic cookies at a fancy bakery to impress the host. By contributing these divine brownies to your host’s mélange of desserts, you will earn your place as the star of the show, the creator of a kind of that homemade manna that brings every aspiring baker closer to God. (I know it works for me)

I was able to whip these up with ease. Since I didn’t have nuts on hand, I swapped in leftover peanut brittle I had lingering in my cabinet from Valentine’s Day. I simply crumbled the peanut brittle throughout the batter and studded the top of the brownies with peanuts before I threw them into the oven. The results? M o u t h   w a t e r i n g. Just see for yourself.

Brownie 1 Brownies 2 Brownies 3 Brownies plated Peanut Brittle money shot browniebrownies and milk copy

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