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The Podcasts You Should Listen To, Based On Your Enneagram Type

By | Friday, August 21, 2020

I just can’t seem to get enough of the Enneagram. If you’re not familiar with the Enneagram, it’s simply a way of categorizing personalities based on how we navigate the world and deal with our emotions. We’ve written a primer on the concept here, including tips for dealing with your money, depending on your Enneagram type. I’ve said it before, but like most trendy personality assessments, it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. But it’s fun to find your Enneagram type, and they often ring true.

I’m back to share podcast recommendations based on your Enneagram type.  I love all of these podcasts, even though I identify most with one Enneagram type over the others, so ultimately, these recommendations are great for just about anyone. (A podcast I recommend everyone listen to is the New York Times series 1619). Still, I find it useful to categorize how one might gravitate to a certain genre of podcasts depending on their personality—and I hope you will, too! 

Type 1: The Reformer

The Reformer is a perfectionist through-and-through, which is why I’d recommend a New York Times podcast, The Daily. It’s an informative 20-30 minute deep dive on a single top issue of the day. For Ones, it’s crucial to be on top of the news, particularly during a time of deep uncertainty, so The Daily can help bring a little more grounding to their day. There are a number of podcasts that do this, though, from Vox’s Today Explained to other informational news podcasts like Mehdi Hasan’s Deconstructed. I honestly enjoy listening to them all or rotating between the topics that interest me the most, so I’d recommend that Ones dig into the broader scope of news podcasts to find those that resonate with them most. 

Type 2: The Helper

If you’re a Two, you’re most energized when you’re able to give back. This is why author and chef Samin Nosrat’s quarantine podcast, Home Cooking, is the perfect fit. Nosrat answers listener questions about how to use miscellaneous pantry items in quarantine and recommends new recipes she’s been enjoying. For a Helper, Nosrat’s podcast is guaranteed to offer tips and tricks that they can use in their own quarantine cooking, or offer to a friend in need. Similarly, I’d recommend NPR’s Hidden Brain for the Two. While this is a much more “nerdy” podcast, the episodes dive into the neuroscience behind human behavior, which is likely to aid a Two in their quest to better understand and serve those around them. 

Finally, for a Two who’s always comforting others, I’d recommend Staying In, the limited-series podcast by actor Kumail Nanjiani and his wife, Emily. I looked forward to this podcast for the short duration it was live and believe me when I say it’s like listening to a hug. Kumail and his wife are so honest and open about the fears and anxieties of living through a pandemic, particularly when one is immunocompromised, and for those who feel emotionally drained or simply strained by these times, this podcast offers reassurance, guidance, and laughs. 

Type 3: The Achiever 

The Achiever is that friend who decided to start a business during quarantine. They’re success-oriented and high-achievers, which is why I’m recommending Feel Better, Live More to a Three. This podcast, by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, is a longer-form podcast, every episode ranging from 60-90 minutes, roughly. But this allows Dr. Chatterjee to speak to his interviewees at length and really pick their brain on their way of seeing the world. It’s often inspiring and always introspective. I also recommend NPR’s How I Built This, for a Three. For pragmatic Achievers, this podcast about entrepreneurs, idealists, innovators, and the way in which they’ve built what they have to make a mark on the world will be nothing short of inspiring. 

Type 4: The Individualist 

The Individualist is sensitive and thoughtful. I had no trouble finding the perfect podcast for the Four, though: Brene Brown’s Unlocking Us. Almost everyone knows of Brene Brown at this point, the famous shame and vulnerability researcher whose TED talks have gone viral, alongside her many well-known books. She launched a podcast this year, and it’s just as good as everything else she’s done, which makes it perfect for an expressive Four. I’d also recommend Sugar Calling. Cheryl Strayed, the well-known author of Wild, used to have an advice column known as “Dear Sugar.” Many of her most heart-wrenching pieces from that column were published into a small volume, Tiny Beautiful Things. During the quarantine, she’s been interviewing famous figures, mostly literary, to ask them about life before, and during, the pandemic. For me, many of the episodes have been deeply moving and emotional. 

Type 5: The Investigator 

The Investigator is the person most podcasts were made for. These perceptive and intense listeners love to learn, which is why podcasts like NPR’s Planet Money are perfect, among a host of other educational podcasts like Ologies. They’re also likely to be drawn to investigative journalism pieces, of which my current favorite is Nice White Parents or simply This American Life. Chances are, they’ll also enjoy interview podcasts, like Armchair Expert, The Ezra Klein Show.

Type 6: The Loyalist

The Six is hard-working, loyal, and a champion of both themselves and others. This is why I recommend NPR’s Life Kit, a short podcast on quick tips for better living which I think a Six would enjoy learning about. I also recommend The Happiness Lab, a podcast that shares innovative ideas from Yale University’s famous happiness class. The Happiness Lab is part neuroscience, part psychology, part advice-for-happier-living and I think responsible, motivational Sixes will find much to take away from these episodes. 

Type 7: The Enthusiast

The Seven loves new experiences. As extroverted, spontaneous people with a lot of energy, they can often become distracted or impatient, which is why I’d recommend the genre of dating podcasts to the Seven. These podcasts, like Call Her Daddy or Girls Gotta Eat, are fun, dynamic, and keep you on your toes. They’re often laugh-out-loud funny, shocking, and downright unexpected with the stories shared both by the hosts and the guests they bring on, which is why I know that even a Seven couldn’t get bored. 

Type 8: The Challenger

The Challenger is self-confident, decisive, and often strives to uplift others. For them, I’d recommend the New York Times podcast Still Processing. This podcast, a conversation among two friends (who I am obsessed with) is always thought-provoking as Jenna and Wesley, the co-hosts, tackle often controversial topics. For a willful Challenger, who often is ready to take on the world, these conversations are likely to resonate and prove reflective. In a similar vein, I’d recommend NPR’s Code Switch and KQED’s Truth Be Told podcasts, too. 

Type 9: The Peacemaker

Nines are easygoing, which is why I’d recommend Nicole Beyer’s comedy dating podcast, Why Won’t You Date Me? It’s funny, witty, and always a good time with Nicole bringing on a variety of guests and dissecting her dating history, too. Nines like to heal conflicts, which is why I think they need a podcast that’s just all fun. I’d also recommend to them Michelle Obama’s new podcast since truly, you can’t get much more inspirational than that. 

This is but a smattering of all the incredible podcasts out there, so I encourage you all to share additional recommendations in the comments, below. If there’s anything I have time for, now that we’re in quarantine, it’s even more podcasts.

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