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10 Things To Get Rid Of In Your Home Today

By | Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Just a few weeks back, I wrote an article about the closet purge I did, and subsequently, all the items I tried to sell at a consignment shop (and made precisely $0 on). In the last few days, I’ve spent a few hours here and there slowing walking through my apartment and thinking critically about other items I may or may not need. From a basket filled with papers and coupons, to an oversized stack of cruddy linens and towels that I desperately need to swap out for fresh ones, there’s no shortage of items I can toss. A living space just shy of 300-sq. feet means my husband and I don’t have any extra room to stack things like papers, junk mail, decorations, extra toiletries, shoes, and coats — I could go on and on (and on).

So, I started off with items that were taking up too much space and items that simply needed to be replaced with newer (more clean) versions. I compiled a short 10-item list of the things I’ve personally been able to get rid of in and around my home. Doing a small-scale home cleanse has meant that I was able to tackle it in the course of one weekend, and that I’ve decluttered my space to make it feel more open. Personally, I think it’s the perfect thing to do before heading into the winter season. Once it gets cold out, man, there’s nothing I want to do LESS than having to trek bags of stuff out to secondhand stores to try and resell the items. No. Thank. You. We have a few more weeks until the point of ~no return~, so don’t let it slip by! (Plus, the less stuff you have piled up in the corners of your living space, the less you’ll have to continually dust and deep clean once next spring finally rolls around. #WINNNG.)

We all work hard and are pressed for time, and it’s easy to let things like junk drawers and stacks of important papers pile up. Decluttering is a small-yet-powerful way that everyone can take back control over their living space, and even make a little extra money on the side. From books, to energy-efficient products, linens, and sponges, I’ve got some great tips for purging  your home. Check it out!

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