10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

By | Sunday, July 24, 2016



1. I’m a frequent victim of the afternoon slump, and usually in need of an XL iced coffee to remedy it. This article suggests fresh air, power poses, and other creative ways to pick yourself up during the mid-day slump.

2. This fresh Pina Colada recipe looks frosty and delicious, and could easily replace a pricey tiki bar cocktail out on the town. 

3. A truly frightening read on about Trump’s speech at the RNC, which is worth checking out — His Dark Materials: After That Diabolical, Masterful Performance, Donald Trump Could Easily End Up President.

4. If you’ve been living under a rock, and haven’t yet heard of Pokémon Go! then you should check out this article about how it’s fueled by augmented reality and the power of maps.

5. Not sure if I want to experience art on my phone instead of IRL, but this article offers an interesting insight into how Google is bringing hundreds of museums and their work to your phone.

6. This is a pretty fascinating article that profiles the new CEO of American Apparel, Paula Schneider, and questions whether she’ll be able to mend the company in the way it needs to, in order to survive.

7. Want to host the perfect summer BBQ, but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Look no further than these 10 simple money-saving tips.

8. When is it right for you to pick up the tab? Should whoever makes more money always treat? If you’re out to eat with your boss, is it disrespectful to let him pay for you? More interesting questions posed (and answered) in this NY Times article about who pays for what and when.

9. Never pay to get your makeup done again with these eight tips to creating a look that will last and translate as ~fLawLesS~.

10. ICYMI, we posted an awesome article written by the very talented and lovely Laura Jane WIlliams“Confession: I’m A #1 Bestselling Author… And A Nanny.”

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