10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

By | Sunday, October 02, 2016



1. Looking to make your lunch breaks more productive? This article has seven great tips for what you should/could be doing during that precious hour.

2. I read an article on The Cut — about comparing the 1999 movie Election to this year’s Presidential election — and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

3. “With its digitally manipulated sound, ’22, A Million’ feels like an attempt to erase the flesh-and-bone authenticity that made Justin Vernon into an icon. Have you listened to the new Bon Iver? That above quote from a review on the New Yorker doesn’t inspire much confidence.

4. Came across these espresso sticky buns, and OH MY GOD.

5. After hearing the quotes in the news about Tim Burton’s views on diversity in his films, this Wired article — about the definitive ranking of his movies — caught my eye.

6. I, personally, am against banning books deemed “inappropriate” for children, and I thought this article about how doing so marginalizes them, was fascinating.

7. I nearly lost my shit when I saw that Dita Von Teese wrote another piece for Grub Street Diet. The world doesn’t deserve that woman.

8. He’s With Her: Why Prabal Gurung And The Fashion Industry Support Hillary Clinton — a pretty good read with a very unique perspective.

9. I can’t help but see some news outlets covering the Royal Tour of Canada, and I stumbled across an article that posed a good question — Why Are Americans Still Obsessed With The British Royals?

10. ICYMI — I thoroughly enjoyed reading Mary’s article about test  driving TFD budget beauty tips. Loved #6 the most!

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