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19 Sensitive-Skin People On The Skincare Product That Was A Game Changer

By | Monday, February 25, 2019

In last week’s episode of Making It Work, I talked about my ~skincare journey.~ I’ve added a few steps to my routine since this was written — like the occasional mask (I love the First Aid Beauty oatmeal mask) — but I still use all of these products regularly, and I can’t tell you how much happier I am with my skin than I was just a year or so ago. I’ve always had very dry and sensitive skin, but I get flakiness and redness a lot less frequently since I started my routine. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, check it out here:

Since skin is so personal, I of course can’t recommend the products I named for every single person. We all have different skin needs — not to mention budgets. We decided to reach out to the greater TFD community about their favorite products or regimens for aiding sensitive skin issues, and there were honestly SO many good answers that I couldn’t possibly include them all here! Scroll down for my favorites, and definitely check out the responses to this Tweet for even more product recommendations. (For what it’s worth, I only included one or two recommendations for specific brands – but a ton of people recommended products from the Ordinary and First Aid Beauty!)

1. “The Farmacy Green Clean Meltaway Balm ($34) is a splurge for a cleanser but it works wonders for my dry skin. Takes off makeup in a snap and leaves my skin so soft.” – Sarah

2. “The Foreo Luna ($199) for sensitive skin! It is a great way to exfoliate my skin gently, the battery lasts FOREVER (I swear, I haven’t charged it in at least eight months), it’s easy to clean, no replacing expensive brush heads *coughCLARISONICcough*, it’s also A+ to travel with!” – Taryn

3. “The Ordinary is a wonderful and very easy on the wallet skincare brand. They are very transparent with their ingredients, as well as very helpful with the description of what each product is meant to do. They have a great return policy, too!” – Faith

4. “I love First Aid Beauty! Total lifesaver for me and my sensitive skin. Their products are pricey, but if you wait until they release kits you can usually get a great deal. The face wash, ultra repair cream, and hydrating serum are HG for me.” – Emma

5. “I always recommend the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream ($32)! It’s a gentle, scentless, effective moisturizer. I never have problems with dryness when I use this.” – Kelly

6. “Clinique Take the Day Off Balm ($29.50). It feels like coconut oil at first, but takes off all makeup, including wat mascara. Once you add water to rinse, it gets milky and comes right off. My sensitive skin doesn’t feel oily or tight. It literally changed my whole routine!” – Kathryn

7. “SkincareAddiction page on Reddit & the Shoppers Drug Mart (I’m Canadian) return policy! I’m not a reddit user but just being able to search the page for reviews from people with ACTUAL skin issues is very helpful. Also, knowing that I could return products that didn’t work for me.” – Gloria

8. “Sunday Riley’s Good Genes ($105). Worth every single penny.” – Jess

9. “Oil-based cleanser! Currently using the one from Elizabeth Arden but looking for a more affordable version. A got a facial recently and brought up how sensitive my skin is & both dry & acne prone. They said my skin needed more vitamins and recommended it! Life changing.” – Paige

10. “Stopped using a million products a day and just stuck to my 3 staples! Cleanser (Hydro Boost face wash, $8), a toner (witch hazel, $7), and a moisturizer (First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair). I have dry skin, so in the winter I sometimes add in drunk elephant’s marula oil at night.” – Sancheezy

11. “Origins Checks & Balances Frothy Face Wash ($28)! I’d been using every oily/acne control cleanser under the sun trying to solve my skincare woes. Checks & Balances is gentle & always makes my overly sensitive skin *feel* clean! One tube lasts months so it’s worth the price point!” – Jodie

12. “I struggled with acne all through my teens and early twenties. It wasn’t until I decided to stop using soap on my face in my mid-twenties that my acne started to go away. Now, 26, I have the best skin I’ve had since I was a little kid.” – Hammer

13. “Serum+C by Mary Kay ($56). I haven’t found anything to meet its effectiveness at the price.” – Mara

14. “Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant ($50) is amazing for exfoliating the most sensitive skin. It’s the only product that leaves my skin smooth and clean without any redness.” – Rita

15. “Tatcha serum (varies). Heard about it on a podcast and it has been the BEST addition to my skincare routine.” – K.

16. “Curology. So affordable and a total lifesaver.” – Diaz

17. “Ponds dark spot correcting cream ($11). It’s super cheap, but don’t hold that against it. The texture is perfect and it works like a charm. My face feels moisturized and it fixes those spots from days when I forget to sunscreen.” – Amanda

18. “Ditching harsh cleansers with so many acids! I was trying to treat my acne with so many products, when I stopped using them I found out they were actually irritating my acne more.” – Zoe

19. “Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate ($49) is incredible! I have used it on oily and dry skin and have always had success. I put it on each night before my moisturizer and my skin is always plump and smooth in the morning. It also smells amazing! I use the midnight recovery eye too!” – Kandace

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