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31 TFD Readers Share The Personal Projects They’re Undertaking In 2021

By | Friday, January 08, 2021

For the month of January, we’re exploring how to live with intention — how the small choices we make every day impact our lives and happiness in the long run. Click here to read more on this topic!

Depending on who you are or where you are in life, this year may be new, but your goals might be old. While most of us are still trying to get over the WTF-ness of 2020 (and deal with the potential PTSD for years to follow), there is also a feeling of YOLO we have to finally just “go for it,” as it pertains to our long overdue goals, burning desires and hobbies.

Ultimately, this year should be one focused more on purpose and intention, rather than pressure. Whether that “purpose” is to heal yourself, help others or simply better yourself through small but elevating tasks, is entirely up to you.

With that said, we asked our readers what personal plans they had for the year, in an effort to solely benefit and elevate themselves.

Check out the responses, below:

Breaking Bad (Habits)

“I definitely need to stop staring at screens. I finally want to sit down & write all these stories in my head!” —@izzylippi

“Master speaking up when I’m uncomfortable or disagree” —@winichen

“Turn what I have into enough. For example – DIYs, practicing gratitude, not spending money on ‘things'” —@lemondroplopez

“I started & hopefully will continue to start my day with an intention & journey at night” —@_allisonliu_

“Arrive 15 minutes early to every meeting” —@annie.theworld

Health As The Ultimate Wealth

“Working out in the morning if possible. It sets my whole day up for success!” —

“Get therapy or help. I don’t know how because [it’s] very expensive and I don’t have a job currently” — @inspiring.sustainability

“Make a habit of doing yoga and meditation each [day]” —@monifrench

“Going on walks. I started to for health reasons but now I just like the mental break” —@garbyge

“Get one step closer to attaining a sustainable lifestyle by creating a functioning compost!” —@kat_ehninger

Higher Learning = Higher Earning

“Take at least 1 weekly online webinars on finances, minimal living, health” —@inanewyorkbudget

“Finishing up my yoga teacher certification” —@harkirancar

“I’m considering a career change in real estate” —@embraceyourlifestyle

New Skills (To Pay The Bills)

Painting and crafts were amongst the most popular skills readers wanted to acquire, and some wanted to acquire these new skills in order to apply them to a small business later. Check out some of the more popular choices, below:

“Felting! Always thought it was difficult but you just stab things repeatedly” —@robynwhaley

“I want to turn my candle obsession into a hobby and try candle making!” —@allie_rae10

“Trim and wire a juniper bush into a bonsai tree!” —@hannajmalone93

“Went down the embroidery rabbit hole now, and there’s no way back. Haha”  —@carrin_not_carout

“How to apply eye shadow correctly” —@courtburton13

“I’m finally taking singing and piano lessons after wanting to do so for my entire life! —@thefakebetsa

“Driving… at 28 years old! (sweating)” —@_grcl

Mo’ Money

Be it making more money by way of investing, or saving more money by way of financial literacy and discipline, here are some of the responses for 2021’s financial goals!

YNAB, and tracking my purchases more carefully. And bimonthly ‘money dates!'” Mercy Fae

“No-buy 2021! Wanna stop splurging on purses/wallets and on nonessentials!!” —@billyjoycreus

“Buy stocks through the Fidelity App!” —@chelseyuhrig

“Create a budget and stick to it! Learn more about investing, finances, taxes…” —@5olveig.ltr

“Really keep track of my finances and actually get some savings” —@anxietydanceparty

Side Hustles:

“I’m learning Quickbooks for my business!” —@janeanne_knox

“Launching an Etsy shop” —@lovineee

“Share my business with everyone I know even if I’m scared!” —@lifeofbri93

Hot Hobbies

Perhaps not so suprisingly, reading (as a means of cutting down screen time and/or for leisure) and cooking were amongst the most popular hobbies that readers wanted to engage in, for 2021! However, here are a few more:

“Fly fishing. I have the pole, line and yarn for practice. Just do it. Also no additional cost.” —@buckmom5

“Making homemade breads & pastas!” —@mrleckta

“Regularly attend book club with my cousins” —@ms.elella

“Journaling! It’s hard to get started.” —@april_gaudet



While not listed above, we wanted to include “language” on the list of things that many of our #TeamTFD family wanted to learn. This is because there were wayyyy too many of these responses to count.

While French, Spanish and Italian were amongst the most popular languages, we also saw everything from Icelandic and Finnish, in the tweets, as well as these:

A new programming language that will make me more independent at my job —@tazipearcy

Learn Korean & read more books especially investing 🙂 —@tulipcrew21

Pick back up learning German via Duolingo and half my siblings —@porshuhhhh

What are some things you’re planning to do for the new year, to help elevate yourself, or protect your overall mental and physical health?

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