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Why You Might Not Want To Get Married

By | Friday, December 22, 2017

Marriage is pretty much always on my mind. I guess I’m just “one of those women” (lol), but really, I have sincerely always loved weddings, always loved the idea of marriage, and more recently, have been watching so many people in my life become engaged and married that I find myself often considering if/when I will want that for myself.

In general, TFD approaches the topic of marriage in a few different ways. We discuss so many things from the cost of a wedding to the financial implications of actually being married, to even the financial relationship privileges that we may experience when coupled-up. We’ve discussed marrying for love versus marrying for money, marrying (or not marrying) your partner based on how much debt they have, and more recently, Chelsea’s decision to have a uniquely non-traditional (but nonetheless love-filled) wedding to her partner Marc.  

And it all really gets my wheels turning, although I’ve settled pretty comfortably in my head on the fact that I would like to get married (if only for the health insurance benefits of my partner — but also a good bit for the ~love~). (Lol that was a joke, please don’t roast me.) 

So when I sat down and watched the entirety of this week’s video, where Chelsea sat down with Tasha from the channel One Big Happy on YouTube to get into the nitty-gritty of why she’s made the decision to remain in a long-term, loving, committed relationship to her partner without ever getting married, everything I thought I knew and believed was shook to the core.

Tasha’s reasons are not just legitimate — they’re actually freaking fascinating, and really good. This is one you’re going to have to watch for yourself (I promise I’d try to explain if I had an eighth of the grasp on marriage and finance and law that Tasha does) to fully understand, so pop on over to the TFD YouTube channel to check out this week’s video, where Chelsea and Tasha discuss why you might not want to get married.



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